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 Welcome to VanPASS!

If you are new to this site the first thing to know is that membership and attendance to any meeting is absolutely free.  All that we ask is that you RSVP for any meeting so we can get enough pizza for everyone.   Also, to recieve any of the newsletters and updates on meetings please register starting at the top right-hand corner.  Any questions can be address to me, Richard Baumet, at rbaumet@shaw.ca .  Thanks for dropping by!

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The following will show dates for when we have a room booked.   The "open" status means that there is availablity for either a speaker or a sponsor.  If you are interested in either for an open spot, please contact rbaumet@shaw.ca .

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August 19th, 2010

John Huang

Locking & Blocking

Red Gate Software

September 23rd, 2010




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